Leek, Potato, and Coriander Bake
Rich late season comfort food.
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Fresh Tomato and Feta Salad
A Greek-inspired version of the beautifully simple combination of tomato and fresh cheese.
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Rustic Turnip and Thyme Stew
Local turnips are usually available throughout the winter. They are cheap, hearty and substantial. This stew will warm you up on a chill winter day.
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Seared Brussels Sprouts

The rich caramel brown on the sprouts is magical.  This dish always graces my holiday table. You can prepare this recipe using any skillet but the best results can be achieved with an old-fashioned cast-iron skillet.
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Simple Cucumber Radish Slaw
A very simple slaw to use as a counterpoint to spicy grilled meat or as a light side salad.
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