Peachy..or maybe Nectariny!?

Now is the time you can get wonderful stone fruit at farmers markets and roadside stalls. Most eat them out of hand but they also make sweet and a colorful salad. The challenge with using peaches, plums and nectarines in a salad is removing the pits without destroying the fruit.  There are two kinds of pits you might encounter--a hard stone pit and a cling pit that is stubborn and tricky to work around.  read more


Fresh Tomato and Feta Salad
A Greek-inspired version of the beautifully simple combination of tomato and fresh cheese.
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Creamed Radishes
A rich, slightly tart side dish for roasted meats.
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Leek, Potato, and Coriander Bake
Rich late season comfort food.
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Rustic Turnip and Thyme Stew
Local turnips are usually available throughout the winter. They are cheap, hearty and substantial. This stew will warm you up on a chill winter day.
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