Pickled Turnips

 The din is low as the waiter sets down our glistening plate of hummus and we glare at each other with a challenging and possessive look. Suspended in the creamy spread are tidbits delicate rose colored turnips. We both do the calculation in our head and are disappointed in the equation. I quickly signal the waiter to deliver another bowl. Neither of us wants to resort to the feeble slices of pita bread as hummus vessels. Gloriously pink pickled turnips! I’ve found a new and more re
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Blog CPR!?

Due to a mishap at the company managing this website it has been inactive for the last four months. In addition, all of the edits ands posts over the last year have been lost. So if you came to the site over the last four months I'm sure you thought that I had abandoned this project. That is not the case, but the likelihood of any of you returning after this realization is slim so I will assume that if you are reading this you are either a member of my family or a stalker. If you are returning read more
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Maple Syrup Tart

Our friend Christina discovered that the ingredients for the "Maple Syrup Tart" on page 157 of the book are missing. That is unfortunate because this is a great and very simple recipe. Here are the ingredients that go with the directions. This a great alternative to pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving Maple Syrup Tart 1 recipe basic pie dough (see appendix) 1-1/2C maple syrup1C heavy cream1/4C cornstarch1/4C cold water1/2C chopped pecans or walnuts Prepare pie dough a read more
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Peachy..or maybe Nectariny!?

Now is the time you can get wonderful stone fruit at farmers markets and roadside stalls. Most eat them out of hand but they also make sweet and a colorful salad. The challenge with using peaches, plums and nectarines in a salad is removing the pits without destroying the fruit.  There are two kinds of pits you might encounter--a hard stone pit and a cling pit that is stubborn and tricky to work around. The stone pit is easy-- gently run the knife around the equator of the fruit and gi read more
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Try Something New!

I have a pair of upcoming demos at local DC farmer’s markets. I am amazed at the reluctance of many people to try something new. This often means that many farmers are reluctant to grow something unusual for fear of not being able to sell it. The chief joy of a good farmer’s market is finding a yummy treasure to bring a little flavor and variety to your life. The more variety you embrace, the more variety you can expect. One step would be to buy my book but in addition I of read more
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