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Due to a mishap at the company managing this website it has been inactive for the last four months. In addition, all of the edits ands posts over the last year have been lost. So if you came to the site over the last four months I'm sure you thought that I had abandoned this project. That is not the case, but the likelihood of any of you returning after this realization is slim so I will assume that if you are reading this you are either a member of my family or a stalker. If you are returning and you're not a stalker (or if you are a stalker and want to know how to cook salsify) I would like to reassure you that I will continue to offer up commentary and recipes at the blisering pace of one or two a month. My views have evolved over the last year and am even more adamant than ever that YOU SHOULD COOK FOR YOURSELF! There are forces out there that care very little if they make you feeble or sick. You can't expect them to have your interests at heart. Cooking for yourself is the simplest and most direct way to take care of yourself.
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