Meat is Soooo Boring!

     The typical American meal is a meat centerpiece with a couple of vegetable side dishes, one of them usually potatoes. The side vegetable portion is usually about three ounces. There are really only six or seven types of protein (with some subtle variations) to choose from and the standard american diet relies almost entirely on three or four. There are countless types of vegetables. We've relegated the lion's of our food items to an afterthought on our plates.
     Part of this is a silly American machismo with killing and eating things. If you can evolve past the charm of that notion you are confronted with a second problem. Meat is easy to cook, apply fire and put on a plate. For all the noise made about a great steak, it is the simplest thing in the world to cook. Vegetables are hard to cook and require a little more finesse. Which is more macho--cooking something that is easy? Or hard?
     Cooking and eating fresh organic vegetables, grown locally, is the single best thing you can do to make your meals more important and more interesting. Learn to cook something new today. Buy a good cookbook. Buy my cookbook. Start with one dinner framed around asparagus or winter squash instead of chicken breast or hamburger to prove to yourself that it's still dinner.
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