Farm Fresh Flavors

     The book is finally out and available at stores and on the web. It has been an 18 month project to see it in print and I believe it is a great tool for the home cook to discover the beauty of cooking with fresh local ingredients. Even a bad cook could find something to prepare and I challenge anyone who is uncomfortable cooking to pick up a copy of the book and start to cook. If we are ever to get away from breakfast, lunch and dinner that is served up as a commodity we have to take responsibility for preparing it ourselves. What could be more important than than how we physically sustain ourselves? Yet we have given this role up to people and organiztions that really don't have our health and well-being as a first priority--and surely don't have our planets.
     Cooking for yourself is as simple as opening up to being taught. Like all simple lessons you have to allow it to happen. "Farm Fresh Flavors" is a great start. Cook for yourself. Cook with fresh ingredients. And find those ingredients in your own backyard.
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