Try Something New!

I have a pair of upcoming demos at local DC farmer’s markets. I am amazed at the reluctance of many people to try something new. This often means that many farmers are reluctant to grow something unusual for fear of not being able to sell it. The chief joy of a good farmer’s market is finding a yummy treasure to bring a little flavor and variety to your life. The more variety you embrace, the more variety you can expect. One step would be to buy my book but in addition I offer a list of tips that that will make you more inclined to reach for that crisp bundle of lemon sorrel or those golden Chioggia beets.
     • Study a little and learn what to expect throughout the season. Have a few recipes in mind so that when you see that burdock root or sunchoke you are excited to see what you can do with it.
     • Ask the farmer how you might prepare an unfamiliar item. I can guarantee you that he knows at least one recipe for each item he grows. They will be simple and quick. Farmer’s don’t have a lot of time to cook.
     • Most markets have chef demonstrators. They are unusually busy people so take the opportunity pick their brains while you can. Chef’s like to talk about two things more than anything—food and themselves.
     • And finally—keep telling yourself one thing “It’s silly to be afraid of food. I’m going to try this.”
I will be appearing at the H street market at 10am September 17 and the Columbia Heights market at 10am on October 1. I promise not to talk about myself too much.
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