A Better Way to Eat

Part of finding a more connected way to cook and eat is dealing with abundance when you are blessed with it and scarcity when nature demands it. The traditional coming and going of scarcity and abundance linked us with timeless rhythms of nature and the earth and ourselves. We had to think and plan ahead. We had to treasure and conserve abundance. We had to manage and endure scarcity. We had to take what the world gave us and it taught us discipline, reverence and humility.

These lessons are harder to come by when we can get anything we want, anytime we want, already prepared, for a few bucks and a small amount of time. I think this convenience and plenitude has made our lives less interesting. We all eat the same things and we eat them all year long. We follow the same diets and talk about food in the same ways. We aren't forced to change our tastes at all.

It is entirely possible and way too common for a person to eat the same breakfast every morning of every day of their life. We eat Hot Pockets and microwave dinners and the same frozen vegetable blends in December and June and October. We don't cook anything fresh because that would require understanding and commitment. Understanding what we were meant to eat at any given season of the year and commitment to using that food with good sense and integrity.

Eating fresh seasonal products from someone you know brings back some of that magic. A weekly CSA box filled with items that are constantly arriving, departing, changing and offering up their wonders will require focus, will require attention, will demand that you treat one of the more important activities of your life with respect. It will demand that you take yourself more seriously and install meaning in what has become a meaningless exercise.

Bringing meaning to your life is the only real reason to do anything. If we eat food grown by men and women we respect, make love to those we love and do work that doesn't require compromise we can't help but have full, meaningful and important lives.

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